Warren Center Fellowship

CHARLES WARREN CENTER FELLOWSHIP.  Since its founding in 1965, the Warren Center has annually hosted 6-12 visiting scholars, thus enriching Harvard’s Americanist community, and benefiting the fellows with access to Harvard’s resources at a critical point in their scholarship [http://warrencenter.fas.harvard.edu/former-fellows].  Starting in 1995, the fellowship has carried an annual theme, drawing the fellows into even closer connection by virtue of shared interests, and expanding the Center’s reach as the themes have grown increasingly interdisciplinary [http://warrencenter.fas.harvard.edu/past-fellowship-themes].  Recently the fellows’ seminar has been enriched by a graduate course taught in tandem with the workshop.  This innovation has been valuable to students, faculty, and fellows alike, underscoring the integral connection between research and teaching.

Officially termed at its inception a postdoctoral fellowship, the Charles Warren Center Fellowship has most typically been held by faculty with tenure-track appointments.  The fellowship has many benefits, but health benefits have never been counted among them.  For this reason, and because we now offer a benefited true postdoc, the Warren Center Fellowship is properly termed a faculty fellowship, even as those without tenure-track appointments may apply and are sometimes accepted, as long as the preceding is understood.

Past Faculty Fellowship Themes