Past Fellowship Themes

Warren Center Workshop Themes, 1994-2021
1994-95           Cultural and Intellectual History (Donald Fleming)
1995-96           International or Intercultural Relations (Akira Iriye and Ernest May)
1996-97           War and American Society (Bill Gienapp and Ernest May)
1997-98           Early Modern Atlantic World (Bernard Bailyn)
1998-99           Divisions of Labor  (Laurel Ulrich and Claudia Goldin)

1999-00           Beyond “Base and Superstructure”: Economy and Culture in American Society (LizCohen)                     
2000-01           Global America: Connections between Developments in America and in other Parts of the Globe (Akira Iriye, Jim Kloppenberg, and Ernest May)
2001-02           Exceptional by Nature?: American Science and Medicine, 1500- 1900 (Joyce Chaplin and Charles Rosenberg)
2002-03           Film in History/Film as History (Laurel Ulrich and Ruth Feldstein)
2003-04           The Political Economy of North America (Sven Beckert and Alex Keyssar)
2004-05           Culture and Politics of the Built Environment in North Cohen and Margaret  Crawford)
2005-06           American Intellectuals and the Cultures of the Atlantic World (Jim  Kloppenberg and David Hall)
2006-07           Cultural Reverberations of Modern War (Nancy Cott and Carol Oja)
2007-08           Politics and Social Movements (Lisa McGirr and Daniel Carpenter)
2008-09           Race-Making and Law-Making in the Long Civil Rights Movement (Evelyn  Brooks Higginbotham and Kenneth W. Mack)
2009-10           Empire, Sovereignty, Migration, and Diaspora: Transnational America from Above and Below (Vincent Brown and Walter Johnson)
2010-11           The History of North America in Global Perspective (Sven Beckert and Erez  Manela)
2011-12           The Politics of Knowledge in Universities and the State (Julie Reuben and  Andrew Jewett)
2012-13           Everyday Life: The Textures and Politics of the Ordinary, Persistent, and  Repeated (Robin Bernstein and Samuel Zipp)

2013-14           The Environment and the American Past: Hot Topic? (Lawrence Buell,  Joyce Chaplin, and Robin Kelsey)
2014-15           Multimedia History and Literature: New Directions in Scholarly Design 
(Vincent Brown and Glenda Carpio)
2015-16           The History of American Capitalism (Sven Beckert and Kenneth Mack) 
2016-17           Imagining History, Doing Politics: The Uses and Disadvantages of the Past  (Brandon Terry and Kirsten Weld)
2017-18           Crime and Punishment in American History (Elizabeth Hinton and Lisa McGirr)
2018-19           US Power in Global Arena (Fredrick Logevall and Erez Manela)
2019-20          Past, Present, and Future of Ethnic Studies (Lorgia Garcia Pena and Ju Yon Kim) 
2020-21          Religion and Public Life in North America, 16th Century to the Present (Catherine Brekus, David Holland, Jim Kloppenberg)