Commentary & Current Events

The Warren Center has added its name to the following statements: 
Felber, Garrett: The Struggle to Abolish the Police Is Not New;
Felber, Garrett: Police Reform Hasn’t Stopped the Killings Before in Los Angeles. It Won’t Now Either;
Losier, Toussaint: The Movement Against “Modern Day Slavery”; (note: not a super relevant piece concerning current moment but offers power insights to the development of incarceration)
 Reverby, Susan: Prisons and public health: Gov. Cuomo must let out thousands or many will die; (note: this piece is more related to the pandemic and covid than the uprisings but it provides another layer to demonstrate the widespread impact of failed policies in re: to the carceral state and policing)
Schrader, Stuart: Police Departments Are Parasites on the Public Purse;
Schrader, Stuart: How Empire is an Accomplice to the Murder of George Floyd, with Stuart Schrader;
 Thompson, Heather Ann & Matthews, Dylan: How today’s protests compare to 1968, explained by a historian; (note: great piece of public-facing scholarship)