2018-19 Faculty Fellowship

The 2018-19 Warren Center Faculty Fellowship is on the theme of U.S. POWER IN THE GLOBAL ARENA led by Erez Manela (History), and Fredrik Logevall (History).

By way of a description of the fellowship and workshop, here is the initial call for applications...

The Charles Warren Center, Harvard’s research center for North American history, invites applications for a workshop on U.S. Power in the Global Arena. In recent years, the history of U.S. foreign relations, or the United States and the World, has been invigorated as a field by the integration of insights and approaches from other fields and by incorporating actors, regions, and themes that had previously been sidelined. As the daily headlines remind us, the global projections of the power of the American state remain a crucial part of the world we live in. If we want to contend with the impacts of U.S. power in the global arena, history remains an indispensable tool in our kit. The goal of this Warren Center workshop is to take stock of recent developments in the historiography of U.S. global power, including in its diplomatic, military, economic, and cultural manifestations. High politics and state-to-state relations will of course be a concern, but consideration will be given as well to the role of international organizations and non-state actors. We view the varied manifestations of American power in the global arena as intertwined with cultural assumptions, social movements, and intellectual currents, as well as with political and strategic calculations. We therefore invite thinking about the multiple contexts, domestic as well as international, of U.S. foreign relations.

Fellows will present their work in a seminar led by Fredrik Logevall (History and Harvard Kennedy School) and Erez Manela (History). Applicants may not be degree candidates and should have a Ph.D. or equivalent. Fellows have library privileges and an office which they must use for at least the 9-month academic year. The Center encourages applications consistent with the Workshop theme and from qualified applicants who can contribute, through their research and service, to the diversity and excellence of the Harvard community. Stipends: individually determined according to fellow needs and Center resources, up to a maximum of $62,000. Apply at http://academicpositions.harvard.edu/postings/8036, no later than December 15, 2017 with recommendation letters due January 11, 2018. For more information, see http://warrencenter.fas.harvard.edu/.