Forrest Hylton

Forrest Hylton

Fellow in the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History

Forrest Hylton studies power, politics, and authority among the Aymara in modern Bolivia and the Wayúu in colonial New Grenada, in relation to markets, states, and empires. He is currently revising a manuscript entitled Reverberations of Insurgency: Indian Communities, the Federal War of 1899, and the Regeneration of Bolivia, and is working on another project tentatively entitled Atlantic Homelands: Empire, War, and Authority in the Guajira (New Granada), 1696-1831. He has taught at the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá) and Harvard University, and currently teaches at Northwestern University. 

 With Sinclair Thomson, he is co-author of Revolutionary Horizons: Past and Present in Bolivian Politics (2007), which has been translated into French, and the author of Evil Hour in Colombia (2006), which has been translated into French and Portuguese, and is forthcoming in Spanish. With Thomson, Sergio Serulnikov, and Félix Patzi, he is an editor of and contributor to Ya es otro tiempo el presente: Cuatro momentos de insurgencia indígena (2003), now in its third printing in Bolivia. With Lina Britto, he is co-producer and co-author of  Espíritus Guerreros: La presencia de las luchas del siglo XVIII (Spanish-Wayuunayki with English sub-titles, Universidad de los Andes, 2012/Northwestern University 2014, 38 mins).

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